Cerberus - Revista belga de ficção científica e horror

Por Emir Ribeiro

Descobri por acidente, na internet, que faleceu no ano passado Alfons Maes (1950 - 2017), editor da revista Belga, onde publiquei algumas capas, como esta, no Nº 55, de março/abril de 2000, onde, nas páginas 44 e 45 saiu uma matéria assinada por Alfons sobre meu trabalho, além de uma lista de títulos estadunidenses com os quais colaborei de 1993 até aquela data. Parei de desenhar para o mercado dos EUA em 2006.

E falando em estrangeiros que curtem material brasileiro, há umas semanas postei aqui uma carta de um entusiasmado norte-americano fã da Velta, e aproveitando o tema, reproduzo outra carta, desta feita, de um italiano - também bastante empolgado - cuja tradução em português foi publicada na minha edição "42 anos de Velta", de 2015.

Esse fã italiano escreveu em inglês, o que não é problema para se compreender, visto que hoje existem programas de tradução na internet. Aí está:

" Hi there. I am Alessio from Italy ! I don't even know if you're going to read this email =) maybe this isn't your real email or you don't use it or whatever :D but I'm optimist. Anyway, I'm a comic (or should I say "quadrinhos" =?) fan and here in Italy there are only a few places where to get comics, so when internet rushed in it was just like, well a total new world to discover.

A lot of stuff never released here in Italy ...
I have had always a crush into the 'super-heroine' stuff, so I keep searching and you figure my surprise when I discovered the figure of VELTA.
About three days ago I discovered the blonde bomb by case (if I'm not wrong on internationalheroes.co.uk) ...
I was deepbreath.
I surfed basically all the pages contained on Goggle ... even if written in portughese (but I'm italian so more or less I understand pretty much everything ^_^ ) and was totally trilled !

I mean, this 'quadrinhos' has more than 30 years ... wow ... incredible. At that time in the early 70s I wasn't even born and moreover I don't know if there where superheroine like her ! Must be one of the first of all time ... if not the first !

Of course reading here and there I discovered also that You have done a Lot of work with Hulk, Glory and the like, you are really a genious and one of the best artist I ever seen !

Now, the problem is that unlike ALL the other USA - Japan etc. comics, I am not able to find a place that sell the comics to Italy, only for Brazilian people ... (but I understand that, of course ... it's a national comic in mother tongue).

Even on eBay or other international auction sites I am not able to Locate anything ...

I have contacted some brasilian friends but most of them didn't even Know the existance of Velta (what a shame ! I'd be proud to have something STORIC like that here in Italy ... ok well we had Milo Manara but it's not the same thing eheh).

In the end after some days I just thought: hey, I can contact directly The author ...

I was a little reluctant, I mean, YOU are the man =) I am nobody in the other part of the world too; Anyway, the fact is this: I want all about Velta. I mean, pretty much everything.

Of course I will pay for it, for the spedition to Italy and ... ok all
:DI've seen on a (yours ?) blog that there are these articles available:
- "20 anos de Velta"
- "25 anos de Velta"
- "30 anos de Velta"
- Livro de bolso "As aventuras de Velta"
- Livro "História da Paraíba em Quadrinhos"
- Livro "Retratos de Jaguaribe"
- Livro "Confissões de um Professor do Ensino Público"
- a book with a superhero called "Impacto" and some "10-Abafo" stuff (but I think they are quite old and rare ... right ?).

If you have and are willing to sell me part or all of that stuff ...
I'm here. Let me know about availability and prices (in US$ dollars, not Brasilian currency eheh).

I can pay in advance through www.paypal.com or uhm I could send cash.

Well hidden inside a letter but it's very risky to do :\
But of course, first of all I should know if you are ok into this thing (if not can you forward me a contact or a site that send internationally and safely ?)

Waiting for a reply ... kindest from Italy :)


Velta 2011 ® Todos os Direitos Reservados - Emir Ribeiro