Cerberus – Revista belga de ficção científica e horror

Descobri por acidente, na internet, que faleceu no ano passado Alfons Maes (1950 – 2017), editor da revista Belga, onde publiquei algumas capas, como esta, no Nº 55, de março/abril de 2000, onde, nas páginas 44 e 45 saiu uma matéria assinada por Alfons sobre meu trabalho, além de uma lista de títulos estadunidenses com os quais colaborei de 1993 até aquela data. Parei de desenhar para o mercado dos EUA em 2006.

E falando em estrangeiros que curtem material brasileiro, há umas semanas postei aqui uma carta de um entusiasmado norte-americano fã da Velta, e aproveitando o tema, reproduzo outra carta, desta feita, de um italiano – também bastante empolgado – cuja tradução em português foi publicada na minha edição “42 anos de Velta”, de 2015.

Esse fã italiano escreveu em inglês, o que não é problema para se compreender, visto que hoje existem programas de tradução na internet. Aí está:

” Hi there. I am Alessio from Italy ! I don’t even know if you’re going to read this email =) maybe this isn’t your real email or you don’t use it or whatever 😀 but I’m optimist. Anyway, I’m a comic (or should I say “quadrinhos” =?) fan and here in Italy there are only a few places where to get comics, so when internet rushed in it was just like, well a total new world to discover.

A lot of stuff never released here in Italy … 
I have had always a crush into the ‘super-heroine’ stuff, so I keep searching and you figure my surprise when I discovered the figure of VELTA. 
About three days ago I discovered the blonde bomb by case (if I’m not wrong on internationalheroes.co.uk) … 
I was deepbreath. 
I surfed basically all the pages contained on Goggle … even if written in portughese (but I’m italian so more or less I understand pretty much everything ^_^ ) and was totally trilled !

I mean, this ‘quadrinhos’ has more than 30 years … wow … incredible. At that time in the early 70s I wasn’t even born and moreover I don’t know if there where superheroine like her ! Must be one of the first of all time … if not the first !

Of course reading here and there I discovered also that You have done a Lot of work with Hulk, Glory and the like, you are really a genious and one of the best artist I ever seen !

Now, the problem is that unlike ALL the other USA – Japan etc. comics, I am not able to find a place that sell the comics to Italy, only for Brazilian people … (but I understand that, of course … it’s a national comic in mother tongue).

Even on eBay or other international auction sites I am not able to Locate anything …

I have contacted some brasilian friends but most of them didn’t even Know the existance of Velta (what a shame ! I’d be proud to have something STORIC like that here in Italy … ok well we had Milo Manara but it’s not the same thing eheh).

In the end after some days I just thought: hey, I can contact directly The author …

I was a little reluctant, I mean, YOU are the man =) I am nobody in the other part of the world too; Anyway, the fact is this: I want all about Velta. I mean, pretty much everything.

Of course I will pay for it, for the spedition to Italy and … ok all 
:DI’ve seen on a (yours ?) blog that there are these articles available:
– “20 anos de Velta”
– “25 anos de Velta”
– “30 anos de Velta”
– Livro de bolso “As aventuras de Velta”
– Livro “História da Paraíba em Quadrinhos”
– Livro “Retratos de Jaguaribe”
– Livro “Confissões de um Professor do Ensino Público”
– a book with a superhero called “Impacto” and some “10-Abafo” stuff (but I think they are quite old and rare … right ?).

If you have and are willing to sell me part or all of that stuff … 
I’m here. Let me know about availability and prices (in US$ dollars, not Brasilian currency eheh).

I can pay in advance through www.paypal.com or uhm I could send cash.

Well hidden inside a letter but it’s very risky to do :\ 
But of course, first of all I should know if you are ok into this thing (if not can you forward me a contact or a site that send internationally and safely ?)

Waiting for a reply … kindest from Italy 🙂